Current Rates , Service Area, and Read Schedule

East Pasadena Water Company services portions of Arcadia, Pasadena, San Gabriel and Temple City. Click here to view our Service Area

Meter Read Schedule

To determine which day your meter will be read, locate your bill and find your account number, the first two digits before the dash are the route, that number will correspond with the routes listed below Click here to view the full 2020 schedule

RouteNovember 2020
01Friday, November 13
02Monday, November 16
03Monday, November 16
04Wednesday, November 18
05Wednesday, November 18
06Tuesday, November 17
07Tuesday, November 17

Current Rates

East Pasadena Water Company's rates are set by the California Public Utilities Commission. A 1.9% CPI increase was approved and put into rates effective March 1, 2020.

Each customer's bill reflects a service charge based on the size of the meter. Please see the chart below for our service charge costs.

Current Commodity Rate East Pasadena Water Company incurs costs to pump water out of the aquifer. The California Public Utilities Commission authorized our current rate at $3.024 per unit of water. A unit of water is defined as 100 cubic feet (CCF). This rate is charged to all customers regardless of the amount of water used, and regardless if you are a residential or commercial customer.

California Public Utilities Commission Fee The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates East Pasadena Water Company's rates. This government agency collects 1.43% of a combination of the water and service charge as their fee. This money is sent to the CPUC quarterly.

Water Production Surcharge: The Water Production Surcharge is a temporary surcharge approved by the CPUC. This surcharge will be in place for a period of one year beginning April 1, 2020.

Residential Rates

(Residential are billed bi-monthly)
Meter SizeService ChargeWater Production Surcharge
5/8 inch$34.10$10.10
3/4 inch$51.18$15.14
1 inch$85.26$25.22
1.5 inch$170.50$50.46
2 inch$272.78$80.74
3 inch$511.48$151.38

Commercial Rates

(Commercial accounts are billed monthly)
Meter SizeService ChargeWater Prodiction Surcharge
5/8 inch$17.05$5.05
3/4 inch$25.59$7.57
1 inch$42.63$12.61
1 1/2 inch$85.25$25.23
2 inch$136.39$40.37
3 inch$255.74$75.69
4 inch$426.23$126.14