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East Pasadena Water Company is committed to keeping its customers informed through periodic newsletters and annual Consumer Confidence Reports, as well as timely alerts about changes in drought conditions, new regulations, and other urgent water-related news.

Willard Children's Center Comes to Visit

On July 27, 2018 East Pasadena Water Company hosted a plant tour for 18 students and chaperones from the Willard Children's Center in Pasadena.

The students were shown a water well, booster pumps, and a water reservoir. We explained how wells are drilled, how the well pump lifts water to the surface, and how reservoirs store the water and the booster pumps distribute the water to our customer's homes and businesses.

The tour was led by our Field Operations Manager, Wayne Goehring who said it was a pleasure to have the students come tour our facility.


Here is what is going on at East Pasadena Water Company. Please check back for updates and new information.

Water Quality Reports

Because East Pasadena Water Company is committed to serving high-quality water, we adhere to stringent water quality testing and monitoring. This ensures that every drop of water delivered to your home or business meets state and federal health and safety standards.

We are proud to include our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for you. This is a report that is produced on a yearly basis to inform our customers of the quality of their drinking water during the past year. East Pasadena Water Company diligently tests your water on a weekly basis.

The 2018 Consumer Confidence Report is mailed in May 2019. Please use the link below to view this year's report. Click here to view previous year's reports.

The 2019 Consumer Confidence Report will be released in the spring of 2020.

We have modified our 2018 Consumer Confidence report to include last year’s 1,2,3-Trichloropropane Maximum Contaminant Level Violation which we notified you about in April 2018. Please view the updated CCR.


There are two scams going around our neighborhoods.

The first one involves receiving a telephone call from a person identifying themselves as a representative of East Pasadena Water Company and that their bill is past due. The caller insists that the resident pay for the water using a credit card or debit card while on the phone or water will be discontinued immediately. Or the caller will tell the customer to call an 800 number they provide and make a payment.

Please be aware that East Pasadena Water Company will never call customers and request money. Secondly, we do not accept credit or debit cards. If you receive a call like this please hang up and call your local law enforcement agency. Southern California Edison and the Gas Company are also reporting this scam.

The second scam is still being reported: There have been reports of individuals posing as water company employees approaching residents in their homes and advising them a water main has been broken and asking the person to come outside and turn on a front hose bib. The impostor then keeps the resident occupied while another person slips into the home and steals items that are sitting in the open. The resident is told they can use as much water as they want for the day and will not be charged for it, however, they cannot drink the water.
The Sheriff’s department has asked that if you encounter a person like this DO NOT leave your home, but close the door and call 911.